I'm extending my free download period

Hello! 💟 I was right in the middle of editing my fourth batch of the Parks Collection sheet music and videos when I received news of our partial lockdown (MCO) being extended til the 12th of May.

The whole point of my offering the sheet music of the Parks Collection as a free download for a limited time was to show my support to everyone going through this global crisis wherever you are in the world, and I think we need this kind of creative distraction more than ever. The longer we are in lockdown, the more challenging it can become to be positive and relaxed.

I had announced initially that the free download period is until the end of April but in light of this extension here in Malaysia, I have decided to extend my free download period as well until the end of May. I hope you'll take the chance to collect the pieces as I'm so happy with how they've turned out! In the mean time, please consider chipping into my tip jar at my ko-fi page if you'd like to support my work 😘

I've just uploaded SIX new pieces (because there are 31 in total, I have to make a 6 somewhere😉). In each batch I've released, there is a favourite piece of mine hiding. Can you guess which one?

Stay safe, everyone.


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