New Cadence Files ~ Free download

Hello 💟

I have a few students with some theory exams coming up and I really wanted to create some helpful files to prepare them.

I've been working on some infographics to help students understand perfect and plagal cadences as I was always looking for a way to simply introduce these cadences without overloading information. Of course, there are more rules and some exceptions in certain contexts with cadences but I think it's important to consolidate the basic steps first and prepare students for the type of question they will see in their exam paper. There is a time for learning for discovery and enrichment and a time for exam preparation. I'm in exam prep mode now!

I made these particularly with my own students in mind, who are sitting ANZCA Grade Three theory exams. They will have to understand and write these two cadences so I wanted to create something that will help the students revise.

The infographics are now available as a free download in PDF format! (Previews are below but the PDF is much higher resolution and sharper!) This is also my first time using Adobe Illustrator, after years of using Inkscape I finally decided to invest in AI so I'm quite excited how these have turned out!

I hope you'll find these useful, particularly if you've been teaching online - I find it challenging to explain some concepts if students are new to these so a visual aid is really helpful at this point!

Here is the download link - as usual, these are free for personal use but please do not sell or redistribute them.

Please click here to download!

Stay safe and happy teaching!