Second batch of scores~ (and quarantine)

Hello! 💟

A new batch of five student pieces from the Parks Collection have been made available on the website today (check out the sheet music section)! I'm so excited about this project because the pieces have been lying dormant for months (they were composed in July 2019).

Please shout out to me if you download the pieces and tag me on social media if you play them! #pianistmisa #createmusiceveryday

The whole process of editing and finalising details, and in some cases, re-writing some sections has been so refreshing. I'm so glad to have this project to focus on, to be honest, as I otherwise feel quite flat with being couped up inside as we go into the third week of the Movement Control Order (MCO).

Here in Malaysia, we're now in the second round of a country-wide MCO for April 1-14 and things are a lot more strict now than during the first two weeks (March 18-31). We are now only allowed to travel within a 10km radius of our home and besides this, only one person is allowed to travel in the car to go and buy essentials. There are also a few districts and some building complexes which have been blocked completely for the time being. 

I've only left the house twice during this whole period. I won't discuss much about the whole coronavirus situation here but I wanted to document some of it as this has been the biggest disruption the world has seen in decades, and certainly in my lifetime or my parents' lifetime. I am grateful for the authorities here who are taking everything so seriously and even though it's disruptive to our lives and has caused loss of income and freedom temporarily, I think it would have been more difficult as a freelancer/studio teacher to shut down and self-isolate if it weren't for these strict measures.

I hope everyone is safe wherever you are in the world 💜


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