Updates :-)

Hi Friends!

As we approach the half-way mark for 2019, I wanted to let you know of new and exciting things coming to my website and other online platforms.

Firstly, I have just started my Youtube channel, under the name pianistmisa. My channel will focus on self-help videos on a musician's lifestyle (especially teachers) and some music including original compositions and covers from all kinds of genres. I have wanted to start doing this for a long time now but the turning point was when I left my full-time teaching job and became a freelancer in December 2017. I've been thinking more about how we teachers are always stressed as we push ourselves from goal to goal and even may keep going until the point of burnout. I wrote a post back in May 2019 about some tips to take care of yourselves as teachers and simply wrote a phrase: "Happy Teachers Make Happy Students." After I posted that blog post, I realised that although it's a common phrase, it sums up the kind of approach I aspire to, and I ultimately wanted to create a channel with this theme. I really hope it will resonate with other musicians out there, and while I experiment with my content and my "style" on Youtube, I hope to document the process and help others who are looking to do similar things. Writing has always been something I enjoyed and now as I expand towards making videos, it's quite new and fun! The blog and Youtube will have a slightly different focus but it makes sense to me in my bigger picture and hope you'll enjoy the content!

(I'll quietly mention here that I'm aiming to post one video a week, whether it be a talking video, music, or vlogs, although the schedule isn't really concrete, I'll try to work on being consistent first. The blog posts will remain loose and I'll just post when I have material to put up.)

Secondly, for the website, I'm currently working on a resources section where I bring together printables and things that I currently have in my archive, which have never seen the 'internet' light of day. This will operate more or less like a subscriber's section where you gain access through signups to my newsletter. But don't worry - I don't have one of those newsletters that you hear from multiple times a week or anything like that. It's just a way to stay in touch with anyone who has been interested in downloading material from my resources section so that I can inform you of updates.

I'm very excited for all these things to come together and hope you'll join me. 

Below is my most recent arrangement I posted on YouTube, hope you like it :-)



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