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Solo Piano Pieces:

  1. Taking a Stroll

  2. Skipping Rope

  3. Jungle Gym

  4. Squirrels

  5. Raindrops

  6. Monkeys

  7. Children Playing

  8. Pigeons

  9. Peaceful Lake

  10. Picnic

  11. Swings

  12. Critters at Night 

  1. Ice Cream Truck

  2. Palm Trees

  3. Resting on the Bench

  4. Turtles

  5. Monitor Lizard

  6. Watching Grass Grow

  7. Procrastination

  8. Snails

  9. Gusty Wind

  10. Mist

  11. Sunset

  12. Flies

  1. Stretching

  2. Athletes

  3. Wild Dogs

  4. Autumn Colours

  5. Hornbill

  6. Storm

  7. Fish

  8. Hanging Bridge

  9. Butterflies

  10. Forest

  11. Scent of Jasmine

  12. Going Home

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Piano Duet:

  • Tchaikovsky: Pas de deux (from Nutcracker) for piano duet

Piano 2 piano 8 hands:




  • Debussy: Clair de lune for soprano saxophone and piano

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